Whether you’re looking for a contract staffing services provider, recruitment process outsourcing companies, or professional and executive placement services, SDGM-NWN has the breadth of service to provide all three.

General Labor

Whether in need of one general laborer or an entire crew, SDGM-NWN helps you complete your project efficiently, on time, and on budget. Our staffing software matches skilled, local workers to your job. If you need help finding a worker with a specific skill, our team is on standby to assist you!


Transforming the Warehousing Workforce

We provide flexible staffing to help warehouses keep up with fluctuating demand. When you need help fulfilling an order, our on-demand talent are there to help. Simply post your needs on our app, tell us what certifications your staff must have, and watch your shifts get filled.

Staff a Better Retail Experience

Prepare your business for fluctuating demand. Whether you’re hiring to keep up with seasonal demand or looking for talent to pick up last-minute shifts, GravyWork will provide the stockers, cashiers, drivers, and any other positions you need. Our talent are rigorously vetted and ready to help your business thrive.


SDGM-NWN is large enough to serve employers nationwide, yet small enough to offer flexibility. You can expect a quick turnaround if you want to scale your resources quickly and a pricing structure that can adapt to your budget.

Keep up with project deadlines and avoid skills shortages with contract staffing. It gives you the flexibility to ramp up as needed without adding to your full-time staff.

Contract-to-hire staffing services make it easier to decide if an employee is the right fit for the position and the company’s culture before committing. It’s like an extended job interview that allows you to assess the employee on the job.


When you need exceptional talent for your most crucial roles, Wheeler can help you streamline your search. Our flexible sourcing and screening solutions, industry expertise and many years of recruiting experience deliver consistent results.

SDGM-NWN  handles paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation, and benefits for your contract staff while you focus on other priorities.


Looking to hire someone remote this could be the best option for you if you are looking for cost-efficient options for your solutions with the same premium services from SDGM-NWN.

RPO services provide a comprehensive solution to offload all or part of your internal recruiting processes. From sourcing and selection to hiring and retention, Wheeler can increase cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of talent.