Our Restaurants System

Fully Integrated Digital Ordering System For Restaurants.

We make digital ordering simpler, commission-free & growth-positive. Upload your menu, customize it, and start selling in just a few minutes. Need Support? We do it better than anyone else!

  • Freedom from commissions.

  • Complete ownership of customer’s data.

  • POS, Delivery, and Payment Integrations.

  • Cancel anytime. No contracts.
  • QR Code ordering.

Go Direct To Customers - Better & Faster

  • Device responsive

    Make online ordering super convenient for customers with a device-responsive website

  • Pre-ordering

    Give your customers the flexibility to order food up to a week in advance.

  • Attractive Offer Displays

    Create attractive coupons and communicate them with your customers to grow your order numbers.

  • Multi-lingual Ordering

    Use custom language settings to translate the menu in the language your customers are most comfortable in.

  • Social Ordering

    Allow customers to order their favorite food without switching from their favorite past-time.



Extend Capabilities & Drive Business Growth

  • 24*7 dedicated support 

    Need assistance? Get help 24/7 through live chat or email.

  • Insightful analytics and report downloads

    Open doors to better decision-making by looking into the insights that truly matter.

  • In-built marketing tools

    Boost sales with coupon builders, push notifications, reward programs, and much more.

  • Integrations

    With 100+ integrations, we’re well-connected with all the leading software you need to run smooth operations.

Building a Strong Online Presence Starts Here

Make your restaurant website a customer magnet with features that allow you to deliver a seamless, branded user experience while maintaining a smooth workflow for your staff in the background.

Custom Branded Ordering

Easy customizations options that allow you to give your ordering site a personality, a voice, and unique attributes that your customers can resonate with.

Device Responsive Ordering

Works great across all mobile OS, phones, and tablets, providing a mobile responsive solution, so your customers can order from anywhere.

Simple to Use Menu Configuration Dashboard

Quickly add, modify, and delete menu items in real-time. The menu control panel allows you to

Real Time Order Notifications

Get a real-time notification whenever a new order is created, updated or cancelled through:– Sound Notification on dashboard

Multiple Delivery Controls

Easy delivery management and control for multi-restaurants and chains via area control, radius control and map based control. Each restaurant outlet can feature several delivery zones with different minimum order values and delivery fees.

Multilingual Front-end

Expand your reach and connect with a much wider audience by offering your customers the freedom to interact with your brand in their native language.

Stock Counter

Out of ingredients? Avoid stock discrepancies with efficient predefined quantities into the system and once the stock is over, the item will become unavailable for customers to place orders

Busy Hours

Unexpected rush at the restaurant? Set the time duration for which the restaurant would not like to accept online orders and forget it. Once that duration passes, the system automatically starts accepting orders.

Order Throttle

Surprise rushes at the restaurant? Set predefined parameters for the system to go offline and stop taking orders for a certain duration. Once the duration passes, the system automatically starts accepting orders.

Customer Engagement Features

Bridge the gap between your online and offline operations with features that keep you connected to your customers at all touch points. Personalised experience, improved loyalty and better conversion rate is what we promise here!

Reward Program

Incentivize your customers for being your fan with reward programs, designed to allow them to earn points for each purchase.

Coupon Builder

Your customers love to be treated with coupons that allow them to save. Generate unlimited coupons for varied deals and promotions at your fingertips.

Push Notifications

Capture the interest of your customers right when they need it the most with real-time push notifications. Keep them updated with personalized offers and deals to boost sales and build brand connection.

Display Marketing

Custom Offer Displays on the ordering site allows restaurants to get their offers right in sight for customers to see.

What are you holding out for? Let's kick things off today!

POS Integration