SDGM-NWN offers versatile professional staffing and recruitment services to businesses throughout the nation. Whether you require contract or contract-to-hire staffing, executive recruitment, or customizable RPO solutions, we can assist you in achieving your objectives in a cost-effective manner.


With over 50 dedicated recruiters, we are committed to providing you with an outstanding experience. Our recruiters will guide you through the process every step of the way, connecting you with the perfect opportunity. At our employment agency for contract and contract-to-hire positions, your career success is our top priority.

Why Choose Us?

We love what we do!

We are passionate about our work! Our hiring process is thorough, and our team is composed of individuals who take pleasure in their job and take great care of their clients.


We are extremely flexible and do not have any “lock-in” contracts or hidden traps in the fine print, at least not for the first 3 months. We are transparent, and what you see is precisely what you get.

We cared

Our true focus is on helping and empowering individuals, not solely pursuing monetary gain. We prioritize (1) Our clients, (2) Our staff, and (3) Those in need, taking care of all three with equal importance.


NWNSYSTEMS powers SDGM-NWN, ensuring that we always have the necessary technology and tools to operate smoothly without any problems.

The NWN love

We genuinely care for and support our staff, just as you would if they were physically present in your office. For additional details, please visit nwnsystems.com.


NWNSYSTEMS offers over five distinct brands, ranging from web hosting to banking and beyond. To learn more, please visit nwnsystems.com.


We provide 40 hours per week, a local phone number in any area code, full phone features with call transfer, the latest PC with office software, and the support of our USA management.

I.T & HR Support

We offer expert IT support to ensure your virtual assistant’s technology is up-to-date and protected against viruses. Our professional HR staff is dedicated to locating, supporting, and retaining your virtual assistant.

We take care of the hard work

We have a team of professional payroll staff who handle paying your virtual assistant and all associated statutory obligations. Additionally, we offer medical and dental insurance for your VA and encourage their participation in our charitable support initiatives on your behalf.


Dramatically build magnetic ideas without standardized niche markets. Efficiently enhance superior expertise rather than 2.0 sources.

Virtual Assistants

Efficiency can be enhanced by an administrative assistant who performs tasks such as managing schedules, inboxes, and calls, as well as providing transcription and data entry services.

Accounting Services

Take advantage of our remote bookkeepers for assistance with administration and data entry tasks.


By generating leads, qualifying prospects, and making inbound/outbound calls, a remote sales team can assist you in reaching a larger client base.

Customer Support

Across various platforms, our customer support agents aid you in addressing inquiries and handling support tickets.

HR Office Personnel

Holisticly reintermediate alternative initiatives and emerging applications. Holisticly enhance premier.

Special Events

Holisticly reintermediate alternative initiatives and emerging applications. Holisticly enhance premier.

Trust us, we can help you!

Our focus lies in creating the future rather than simply anticipating it. Instead of solely preparing for what’s ahead, we prioritize determining the destination and path to reach the next level. The key is to establish connections with the appropriate individuals and collaborators who can facilitate your journey towards success.

Are you looking for a consulting?

At SDGM-NWN, we assist you in achieving your business objectives, be it launching novel products, targeting unexplored consumer groups, or implementing sales and marketing tactics. By identifying prospects in every hurdle, we collaborate closely with your brand to ensure triumph.

If you`re a job seeker?

Our training program is built upon the cornerstone of teamwork, emphasizing the importance of effective collaboration between team members, retailers, and consumers. We take great care in selecting, training, and deploying individuals who perfectly match the specific requirements of our clients’ businesses. Our blended learning environment fosters flexibility, engagement, and problem-solving skills among team members.

If you're a job seeker

Your career success is our priority with our contract and contract-to-hire employment agency’s team.